Platform Engineering vs DevOps: What You Need to Know

They should have the ability to write clean, and efficient code that is easy to maintain. They should also be familiar with software development best practices, such as version control, testing, and documentation. But web developers use plenty of tools and pre-made services too. Modern web development in fact, is all about gluing together pre-made services, and there’s plenty of subsets that I listed above that are tool heavy too (like data engineering), but I digress. For others, DevOps will be a tooling team sitting within the development and working on deployment pipelines, configuration management, and such, but still in isolation from ops. And for others, DevOps will be a simple rebranding of SysAdmin, with DevOps engineers hired into ops teams with expanded skillset expectations but with no real cultural change taking place.

  • This is done by using the same tools and techniques across the company, which in return helps share the ownership across everyone.
  • Both software engineering and DevOps are essential components of modern software development.
  • They should have the ability to write clean, and efficient code that is easy to maintain.
  • By fusing software development and IT operations, the DevOps methodology shortens the development lifecycle and helps teams continuously and quickly deliver high-quality software.
  • Similarly, DevOps engineers with several years of experience or those who specialize in specific technologies may command higher salaries than those who are just starting in the field.
  • Engineering teams use the provided platform to rapidly test new code and deploy it across environments.
  • A DevOps engineer, by comparison, focuses on tasks to bridge the gap between development and operations teams.
  • The dynamic nature of technology mandates continuous adaptation and learning.

Their objectives revolve around continuous integration, deployment, and infrastructure automation to enhance the application delivery process. This role requires a deep understanding of coding, how to become a devops engineer scripting, system administration, and often cloud services. While DevOps engineers do engage in coding, the type of coding they do is different from what software engineers typically do.

Software developer or DevOps engineer: Which is better?

Whereas SRE focuses on consistently meeting user requirements, platform engineering is all about satisfying developer needs. Although you should pay attention to both areas, platform engineering is usually lower priority than SRE. Dedicated platform engineering roles are usually only found in larger organizations.

  • Both help combine developer and operation teams, while sharing similar responsibilities and focusing on enabling automation and reliability.
  • As a result of the invention and spread of the internet, methods in which computer science professionals develop and distribute information have also changed.
  • The best internal platforms behave a bit like a private PaaS solution.
  • Based on post-incident reviews, site reliability engineers will need to optimize the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to boost service reliability.

Establishing a dedicated platform engineering team lets you take the next step and create high-performing internal systems that empower developers, all while narrowing the gap with operations. Platform engineering accelerates software delivery by giving developers self-service tools for interacting with infrastructure. Engineering teams use the provided platform to rapidly test new code and deploy it across environments.

Difference between Software Engineer and DevOps Engineer

In essence, while DevOps engineers focus on integrating development and operations processes, software engineers concentrate on the software creation process. They follow processes such as Agile or Waterfall methodologies, and they extensively use version control systems like Git for efficient collaborative development. Their role also involves refining code, optimizing performance, and ensuring that the end product aligns with user requirements and business goals. Contrarily, a software engineer’s workflow involves requirement gathering, system design, coding, testing, and debugging.

Measuring Developer Productivity: Who’s Winning the Debate? – The New Stack

Measuring Developer Productivity: Who’s Winning the Debate?.

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